Right & Left Hand Curved Water Slide

includes Non-Slip Steps & Water Jet!



This slide stands 2 metres high and is suitable for
children, teenagers & adults 

Designed with exhilaration & excitement in mind, 
our slides are great value for
money and will give your family enjoyment for many years

Slide with non-slip Steps $2700

Slide Only $1700

We are a small business making the slides by hand, selling factory direct
We are currently taking orders for
May 2024 despatch 

* Order now and beat our annual price increase of $100
effective on the 1st of July
We welcome lay-by
one payment per month
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* It's never too early to get onto our manufacturing schedule *
We send with Removalists to most areas of Australia throughout the year 
However, delivery runs scheduled for:
early June to WA & SA
 We deliver ourselves late October and early December for NSW, if wanting delivery closer to Christmas

Please forward your enquiry and include your location so we can email 
Delivery Quote, Payment Information, Footprint and Assembly Instruction Sheet
  • 3.5m long.

  • Stands 2 metres high.

  • Safe non-slip steps and handrails.

  • We include a Water Jet fitting to all our Pool Slides for more slippery slide fun! It produces a flow of water down the slide which can be adjusted to your water pressure. You can attach your garden hose or have plumbed to your pool pump.  Speak to a plumber if you need more help with this.  Slide is very slippery once wet even without water flowing down.

  • Slide without steps - Stands 2 metres high. Mounting Block fitted underneath the top of the slide to attach to a deck or cubby etc. Deck height approx. 1800mm to 1900mm. 1.5m space required from coping to pool deck. If not sure please email us a photo and/or drawing of the area and include all your measurements.

  • Colours Available: Blue, Fawn, White & Light Grey.  Please note: Blue will show fading quicker over time being a darker colour.  White and Grey are our most popular colours.

  • Please take a look at our 'Photo Gallery' for examples of all our slides which have mostly been sent to us from our happy customers.

  • Slide with steps: Minimum of 1.5 metres space required from your pool coping to the slide steps and 3 metres along the pool length to mount this slide. The slide can be swung around nearly parallel to the side of the pool.
    you are unsure, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss or send us a photo and/or drawing of the area and include all your measurements. We can email you a copy of the footprint. 

  • Seat area 420mm wide (580mm including sides).  Available in Right and Left turn.  When you slide down to the Right it is a 'Right Turn' and when you slide down to the Left it is a 'Left Turn'.

  • Minimum of 1.2 metres of water depth required.

  • Our Slides can take a maximum weight of up to 110kg and is safe as will not move when mounted correctly.

  • Nuts & Bolts supplied for Assembly.

  • Aluminum hand rails and support pole supplied.

  • Slide must be dynabolted to a concrete slab at both ends including support pole or screwed or bolted to your deck. We do not provide the dynabolts or screws only the nuts and bolts to put the slide together.

  • We send you an Assembly Instruction Sheet & Footprint upon your enquiry.

  • Our Slides are easy for a handyperson to install following our Assembly Instruction Sheet we provide.

  • Fibreglass 4 Leisure slides are made from long lasting light weight fibreglass.

  • 1 Year Warranty.

  • Take a look at some of our lovely Pool Slide Reviews

  • We ask for a $500 deposit when slides orders are placed and if you change your mind $100 is non-refundable to cover administration costs.

  • Slides are manufactured by hand at our Gold Coast, Queensland Factory.

  • We are happy to offer lay-by and can give you payment options upon enquiry.

  • A deposit must be paid to get onto our manufacturing list.  


Please contact us with your order details, delivery address and contact information so that we can provide you with a delivery quote and confirm payment details.

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